Swarm; Platform-as-a-Service in a Box

Tech Archetype Orchestration. PaaS in a box. Seamless migration between clouds.

Operator Framework

Swarm is Djuno's operator framework meant to reduce operational overhead by facilitating the configuration and deployment in the cloud. Swarm has three main functionalities:

  • It provisions the machines and infrastructure.
  • It deploys the archetype.
  • Monitors and manages archetype: resources, VMs, application, containers, environments. It scales up and down, config/re-config, takes care of placement, manages identity, access and security.

Swarm is infrastructure agnostic and can run in any multi and hybrid cloud environment.

Stack Archetypes‚Äč

Swarm is deeply rooted in the philosophy of stack archetypes. It means that by describing the relation between platforms and software in the stack, the archetype of the entire (bottom-top) resources stack should be revealed. Focusing on the archetype as our key principle, we are able to automate the entire stack and its resources in truly vendor-agnostic manner (regarding cloud infrastructure and software provider).

Put simply, Swarm manages, orchestrates and provisions infrastructure similar to the way that container orchestration platforms handle containers.