Djuno Search Engine

Try It Now You can use natural language search (Cheapest

Djuno Token Generator‚Äč

Launch your crypto token in just a few clicks, no

Vanilla; No-Code Nft Minting

Djib Vanilla ( is a lightweight, secure,

Swarm; Platform-as-a-Service in a Box

Tech Archetype Orchestration. PaaS in a box. Seamless migration between

Web3 Enterprise Storage

Decentralized Distributed, S3-compatible, Object Storage Discover Now Djib offers an

Sowa; AI Driven Infrastructure Load Forecasting

Djuno AI layer. Simulates, predicts, detects anomalies. Interprets and produces

Djib Drive; Personal Web3 Storage Drive

DJIB is the next generation Web3 storage A headless blockchain

Latency; Automated latency monitoring

Select the desired cloud providers and locations, then ping to

Compass; Cloud Price Discovery and Optimisation

Cloud Price Discovery and Optimisation Cloud pricing is opaque. Compass brings transparency by calculating cloud value for money index across all providers.