Web3 Application Developments

Djuno has developed several building blocks to speed up and facilitate the development of Web3 applications or the porting of Web2 applications to Web3.

  • Decentralised Storage

Web3 applications, especially these that involve the generation and exchange of NFTs require fast, reliable and secure decentralised storage. Djuno has developed a multichain solution that addresses these needs.

Products/Services: Djib Decentralised Data Storage (AWS S3 compatible decentralised data storage) Djib Drive (user friendly interface resembling Google Drive for accessing decentralised storage) Djib Save as NFT (ability to save any document as NFT with attached business logic templates),

  • Permissions and Identity Management

Permissions and identity management involve controlling access to digital resources by establishing and verifying user identities and regulating access levels based on roles. This ensures only authorized individuals access sensitive information, reducing data breach risks and maintaining security compliance. Effective identity management streamlines authentication and authorization, enhancing operational efficiency and user experience. Djuno offers unique solutions enabling the management of permissions and identity management that are based on Web3 technology. These do not rely on a centralised authority and can be applicable in multi-cloud environments as well as enforce complex granular and time-limited access rights within permissionless blockchains.…

Products/Services: Djuno DKMS (decentralised key management system that allows ensuring all the necessary data governance and permissions management that meets the requirements of enterprise customers)

  • Business Process Primitives

Djuno has developed several building blocks that allow the transfer of business processes (and the enforcement of their associated governance and compliance) on-chain.

Products/Services: Djib Sign (fully decentralised alternative to DocuSign) Djib Contract (smart contract that mirrors and automates the execution of the terms of a real-life contract)