Financial Services

* Cloud Infrastructure Technical Compliance Automation IT infrastructure technical compliance is

Dockerize R, expose as API

A few month ago, there was a requirement to use

Optimizing Cloud Costs

Optimizing Cloud Costs in a Fast Growing Startup — Djuno Case Study

Djuno Search Engine

Try It Now You can use natural language search (Cheapest


The complexity of modern software systems can make it challenging

Enterprise Storage

Decentralised storage offers new opportunities to automate data governance and

Always On

Backup and near-instant recovery of services, configs and states for

Vanilla; No-Code Nft Minting

Djib Vanilla ( is a lightweight, secure,

Swarm; Platform-as-a-Service in a Box

Tech Archetype Orchestration. PaaS in a box. Seamless migration between

Web3 Enterprise Storage

Decentralized Distributed, S3-compatible, Object Storage Discover Now Djib offers an